Become a Champion Partner!

Change the culture of your gym by giving your members and staff a way to use their strength to serve your local community. For a monthly partnership donation we will provide you with a customized and searchable database of local nonprofits where your members can sign up to serve. We will send you monthly reports to let you know who’s giving back and provide ongoing support for larger serve projects.

How we serve you:
  • Vetting and on-boarding of local nonprofits to serve throughout your community.
  • Providing a searchable database for your gym’s website where members can sign up to serve based on location, time and issues.
  • Providing monthly reports showing member engagement—allowing you to incentivize those who give back.
  • Assisting with larger local outreaches—2x per year
  • Assisting with creation of branded swag for gym and serve events
  • Assisting with promotional materials to educate and mobilize your gym to serve.
  • Assisting with communication to engage your members and staff

If you’re interested in becoming a Champion Partner please fill out and submit the form below: